Instrumentation for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation

For External Researchers

In addition to serving the Brown community, the IMNI core research facilities also welcome external researchers from academic institutions and commercial organizations.

The Electron Microscopy Facility (EMF), Nanofabrication Central Facility (NCF) and NanoTools Facility (NTF) are available as both self-use and full-service facilities. For self-use, technical staff will provide users with practical training, and users are then free to use the instrumentation independently. With the full-service option, technical staff will perform the instrument operations for users. The Joint Engineering & Physics Instrument Shop (JEPIS) operates entirely on a full-service model, where users can submit work orders to be completed by the JEPIS technical staff.

All prospective external organizations should review the process outlined below or within the specific facility page and submit all required documentation to or Barus & Holley, Rm 643.

Mailing Address

Brown University
IMNI Core Facilities Specialist
Providence, RI 02912

Become an External User

Review the IMNI Facilities/Equipment Terms of Use Agreement and obtain approval signature from your Organization.

Terms of Use Agreement

Complete the Application for External User to Use the IMNI Core Research Facilities for your individual use. Applications must also be reviewed, approved and signed by your organization before submitting to IMNI.

External User Application

For users that will be on site using the IMNI Core Facilities, submit a certificate of insurance as outlined in section 7 of the IMNI Facilities/Equipment Terms of Use Agreement.

  • Registration in Brown University’s financial system is required to invoice your organization. IMNI Staff will advise if this step is needed, as some organizations may already be registered.
  • If usage is to be invoiced against a purchase order, submit a copy of the PO (blanket POs are recommended, as usage is invoiced monthly).
  • Checks are to be made payable to “Brown University” and mailed to: Brown University, Box 1911, Providence, RI 02912

Review the Chemical Hygiene Plan for each facility you will use.



For users that will be on site using the IMNI Core Facilities, the required training schedule for each facility is as follows and will be assigned by IMNI Staff upon approval of your application.

EMF Training Requirements:

  1. Laboratory Safety Training for Visitors

NCF Training Requirements:

  1. Laboratory Safety Training
  2. Hazardous Waste Training
  3. Hydrofluoric Acid Exposure Control Training

NTF Training Requirements:

  1. Laboratory Safety Training for Visitors
  2. Laser Safety Training – For use of the Witec Raman only
  3. Radiation Machine Safety (X-ray) Training – For use of the Bruker XRDs only

Once all the above items are completed and approved, the IMNI Technical Staff will schedule facility and/or specific instrument training.

All facility and instrument reservations must be coordinated with IMNI Technical Staff and are generally allowed during normal business hours.

External rates are extended to academic and commercial external users (with the exception of Brown University hospital affiliates and Rhode Island academic institutions - see Internal Rates).

External Rates